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What a privilege it is to be alive.

  "What a privilege it is to be alive". For every single day since the onset of time, our ancestors have lived long enough to pass on to us life. The chance of our entire existence is pretty incredible, we are the being's of our ancestors. Yet, we have this unique soul within us, this drive this lust for life. You are existing in this world right now, which in itself is amazing. Just to live, just to feel, just to experience. It's such an incredible chance and such an incredible blessing. Yes, life can be hard, yes things can hurt, but to experience pain, isn't that just incredible because it means we are alive? And all the wonderful things we experience, all the hidden beauty in this world. It surrounds us in nature, in art, in books, in humans. All we have to do is look around us once in a while, take it all in and realise, happiness is not a destination. It's not something we can attain through other things, it's something we can atta