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Keep going

Life is full of hard moments, moments that can change you in a second. Moments that seem to hurt more than you think was possible. But, it's also full of beautiful moments, moments of love, moments of happiness so pure and full your heart feels whole. All of these moments are all we have. Remember that life is transient. Nothing last forever. Even ourselves. All that matters is we experience and grow from it all. I am the type of person who feels everything deeply, I feel love with the entirity of my being. I feel emotions intensly and passionately. I feel pain and emotions of others also. This is something I always used to try and hide, to control. I felt slightly abnormal in society that tries to cover raw emotion. Yet, now I've realised this is my super power. I experience life so fully and love so deeply. And I think that's the meaning of our lives, not to be loved, but to give love. To give love so freely, without limitations, without fear of vulnerability o