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Life. It's pretty amazing when you start to think about it. I walked for quite some time today, until I decided to sit in the shade underneath this tree. I saw the trees roots entwined deep into the earth and it's beautiful emerald green leaves lapping up the sunshine. I remembered in Physics at High School we learnt about energy and how energy can never be lost, only changed. How all the atoms and elements in the universe are almost just recycled. And that the same carbon we are made out of comes from old trees and dead stars. It's really quite amazing when you think about it. It's almost like reincarnation is proven by the laws of Physics. When anything living dies, that energy is never lost it still remains. It just becomes something else. I know sometimes I feel like loved ones who have passed away are with me. And maybe they are. Maybe their energy is still present. Death isn't a finality, it's merely just one door closing and almo

Books of the month.

My favourite books this month. It's no secret I love a good book.  Especially those rather strange tales that keep you eagerly turning pages until all sorts of hours through the night. I've read a few goodies this month and would love to share with you my list of monthly favourites.  I'll try not to give the plot away, and give a fuzzy Ally synopsis. 1. "My Uncle Oswald" by Roald Dahl. This book is brilliant. If you haven't read much of Roald Dahl's adult literature I really do reccomend! His children's books are amazing, and his adult novels are equally fantastic.  I just love Dahl's style of writing, he has one of the greatest imaginations and such a quirky style. This is highlighted especially in "My Uncle Oswald". Written as if it's his nephew reading his Uncle's diary. The tales he gets up to are so saucy, hilariously rauncy and strange they really do keep you reading and laughing throughout. Also it's

Getting better at not giving a F*@$.

My whole existence I haven't been an assertive type. I have always been fairly complacement and just gone with things, mostly to just not kick up a fuss and not offend anyone. I guess I've always been a people pleaser, as I really enjoy seeing others happy..even if that's at the expense of my own. I often would overthink hypothetical situations that would never end up actually happening. I worried too much about what other people thought of me. It's only recently I've changed this pattern.  I had no sense of who I was, yet I was constantly trying to prove to others that I did. I started doing Yoga as a kid with my Dad and always felt so at peace during those classes. I would just switch off from the world and feel at ease in the bliss of each present moment. I knew I wanted to become a Yoga Teacher, yet I never really believed I could. It wasn't until I was 18 and thought fuck it. I went and lived in an Ashram learning Yoga. I fully emersed myself i