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All about my Tattoos

Tattoo Time! Ok so it's no secret I love ink! I love artwork and creativity so much. To me it's an outlet of artwork and expression. I love covering my body in beautiful images, that either mean something to me. Or just inspire me on a creative level. I've always been artistic. Having a passion for painting and drawing led me to tattoos. I sought out a Tattooing apprenticeship with the amazing Charlotte and I also worked with Muff and Ad. I learnt so much about the industry and it fascinated me. Learning the art only fueled my passion for more tattoos! Hence where the addiction began. My first ever tattoo was a little blue butterfly and three teenyweeny stars on my hip. I got this when I was 15. I remember being so bad add ass at school showing off my ink to all my mates. Thank goodness for fake I.d's back in the day! I love butterflies so much. The process of metamorphosis they go through is incredible. And I have an array of butterflies on me. "