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Be kind ❤

Did you see the show last night? Lulu is such a B*tch! Ok so I have no idea who Lulu is but this is something we are pretty much ALL guilty of. Watching a snippet or version of someone on T.V/YouTube/Instagram,  or reading in an article, and then immediately judging them.  We feel like we know this person. We feel like we are entitled to judge them. We begin to dehumanise them. But why? Because we saw them on a show or an article? Why wouldn't we do this to a stranger on the street? But we do it to a stranger on Televison. I have only had a taste of this doing The Bachelor New Zealand and a little bit on The Bachelor Winter Games. But, I have seen my good friends get a lot of hate and judgement from people they have never even met. I used to be guilty of it too. I used to watch reality shows like Love Island and Ex on The Beach and immediately comment on people. But now I never ever would. T.V seems to dehumanise people. Viewers begin to see them as characters

The Bachelor New Zealand.

The Bachelor New Zealand, through my Eyes. A few people have asked, so here goes. I want to give an insight, to my whole experience on The Bachelor New Zealand.  From all my weird internal dialogue, to the behind the scenes antics and my true thoughts on Zac. Time to spill the beans. I promise I'll include some of the dirty/strange/juicy things too.  But firstly I want to say thank you to the show. To all the crew for being amazing. To all the incredible people I have met through this process, the opportunities it has opened for me and the strength I've gained through it all.  Also the incredible travel we got to experience.  Thank you. I am so grateful for all of this. And this is in no way trying to bag out anyone or anything. This is just my experience. It all started after a break-up.  The type that makes you feel so alone you feel uncertain about how to go on. It's no secret I am a passionate human, I feel everything deeply. I fee