All about my Tattoos

Tattoo Time!

Ok so it's no secret I love ink! I love artwork and creativity so much. To me it's an outlet of artwork and expression. I love covering my body in beautiful images, that either mean something to me. Or just inspire me on a creative level.

I've always been artistic. Having a passion for painting and drawing led me to tattoos. I sought out a Tattooing apprenticeship with the amazing Charlotte and I also worked with Muff and Ad. I learnt so much about the industry and it fascinated me. Learning the art only fueled my passion for more tattoos! Hence where the addiction began.

My first ever tattoo was a little blue butterfly and three teenyweeny stars on my hip. I got this when I was 15. I remember being so bad add ass at school showing off my ink to all my mates. Thank goodness for fake I.d's back in the day!

I love butterflies so much. The process of metamorphosis they go through is incredible. And I have an array of butterflies on me.
"If nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies."

To me, they symbolise change. It's ok for things to change. And there is beauty from change. Also I just really like butterflies. I could watch them flutter by for hours. 

My other tattoos:
I have a love heart behind my ear 
 A lotus flower on the back of my neck.
An arrow on my inside finger.
A love heart on my pinky finger.

"We are such stuff as dreams are made on." On my shoulder. 

This one's also one of my faves. It's from The Tempest. I used to read a lot of Shakespeare - studying English Literature and all. The Tempest was one of my favorite plays. I loved Prospero's speech. The language was so poetic and beautiful and the meaning behind it, just resonated with me. "We are such stuff as dreams are made on", we are somewhat living a dream in a divine mind. Everything isn't as it seems and reality is but an illusion.

The awful, yet somewhat hilarious Sloth on my butt 😂. I'm so sorry Mum. Drunken spontaneity at it's finest.

I have lots of beautiful roses, 🌹 they are my favorite flower. I used to sit and look at my Nannies garden full of the most colourful blooming roses. They remind me of back home and my Nanny and Grandad.

My latest addition is a black and white great tit (hahahahaha it makes me giggle still 😂🙊 5year Olds sense of humour me!) And a rose.

Again it's a little homage to back home. I used to adore listening to the great tits and blue tits singing outside my window. I'd watch them fly around the garden. It takes me back to my childhood, a little garden in Seville Cottage.

I know tattoos aren't everyone's cuppa tea. (Sorry Mum) but to me I just love them. The art and stories they tell are so beautiful. And why not decorate your body, let the beauty of your soul flow out onto your skin 🤗💖

One thing most people say to me is, "But what about when you're an old lady". I always reply, "I'm sure I'll be more concerned about if I've pissed on my slippers or won at bingo than what I look like by that age."

Also bare skin with no tattoos is beautiful too!

Life is way too short for "what if's" literally if you want to do something do it. Embrace it, live it, love it! If you don't then don't! But living your life afraid of doing things, isn't living. I know spontaneity might scare some people as this evil little thing called regret can appear. But honestly I'd rather have a few lessons learnt and maybe a regret, than sit and wander what if.

People sometimes judge me for having tattoos, but some people like them. I don't care as I like them myself. And that's all that matters.
After all you could be the juiciest ripest peach, but there's still gonna be someone who doesn't like peaches.


  1. Great perspective. Love how easy to read your writing is.


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