Keep going

Life is full of hard moments, moments that can change you in a second. Moments that seem to hurt more than you think was possible. But, it's also full of beautiful moments, moments of love, moments of happiness so pure and full your heart feels whole.
All of these moments are all we have. Remember that life is transient. Nothing last forever. Even ourselves.
All that matters is we experience and grow from it all.

I am the type of person who feels everything deeply, I feel love with the entirity of my being. I feel emotions intensly and passionately. I feel pain and emotions of others also. This is something I always used to try and hide, to control. I felt slightly abnormal in society that tries to cover raw emotion.
Yet, now I've realised this is my super power. I experience life so fully and love so deeply. And I think that's the meaning of our lives, not to be loved, but to give love. To give love so freely, without limitations, without fear of vulnerability or rejection. Just pure love. Not just in a romantic sense, but with our friends, our families, complete strangers and ourselves.
We come into this world with absolutely nothing but our bodies, our vessel and we leave with nothing but love. All the material things inbetween are essentially just borrowed (thank you Mike Skinner for this wisdom).

I've had moments in my life so beautiful they fill my heart with joy every single time I think of them.
And I've also had moments so painful, I felt like I couldn't go on.
I've had times where I thought my life would stop.  I felt like the whole world should stop too, because I had lost someone so significant to me, but the world just kept moving, in a constant state of flux. But, something in me kept going. The fire in my soul and in my belly kept driving me to find purpose. I realised how life is full of change, and that everything gives us lessons. We must grow from these, like seeds planted in the dirt. They grow into the light and we must too.

And I hope whoever is reading this that you know, you can get back up and keep going too. No matter what life throws at you, you’ve got this fire in your soul. We can over come this.

I know that I’m continuously learning and growing as a person and I hope that I can continue to through my life.
I’m learning to love myself more, trust my intuition and just embrace every single aspect of life.

I'm genuinely in a really happy place right now. It's probably the first time in my life I feel fully whole in myself, without anything or anyone else.
And I think this stems from having purpose..
I’m studying a degree that I really enjoy with such an amazing group of people.
I want to learn new languages, especially Te Reo. I want to learn new cultures. I want to keep on learning and connecting with people in this beautiful planet.

I urge you to do the same. Self care is so so important for our happiness.
Prioritise yourself. Find what purpose you want to aspire to, whatever it may be, big or small it's an amazing feeling to have some sort of direction, some aspiration, idea or drive.

And keep going.

No matter what we don’t know what someone is going through in their private lives. A small act of kindness has a ripple effect, it might make someone’s week.

Spread kindness like confetti and ESPECIALLY to yourself,
That inner voice you speak to yourself with, use kind words as if you were speaking to a friend or a child because we need that level of love internally too.

Love you guys 🙏❤️


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