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How to heal your heart after a Break Up.

Break Ups.
They are never easy, but they happen and usually for a reason. It's near enough impossible to see that reason at the time. I know. It feels hopeless and like your world has crashed down.  Everything feels so wrong. So fucking shit. 
 But I promise there is always light after darkness. 
And if your reading this because you are going through a break up right now, or have been through one recently, or maybe you are still hurting from one.
My wish is that you get through this, with the inner strength and bravery I know you hold. Within yourself you have so much light to shine through this dark patch. 
Stars can't shine without darkness and arrows have to get pulled back in order for them to propel forwards.
Remember that. When you feel like you're at your lowest, it's because you are preparing to grow and move to a higher happier lighter place. 
I still think of a certain person I was with. It was someone I loved with all of me. I held nothing back. It was pass…

Finding yourself and inner happiness.

As I write this, my heart feels like it is overflowing with love and gratitude.

I finally think I have found myself.
After many years of feeling somewhat lost, stagnant then complacent, to the complete oppositie of moving too much, and having no base.
I finally feel free.
I think I've found me.
I remember I used to think relationships where the answer. To settle down with someone and then I'd find myself. 
But now I realise that you have to find yourself before finding someone else. Because no one is going to love you if you can't love yourself.
I then started to believe if I moved to a certain place or kept travelling I would find my place. But I was soon to find out no matter where you go, you take yourself with you. Happiness doesn't come from a physical place. It comes from that place within you.  In your mind, your heart, your soul.
It truly is your relationship with yourself.  Once you become happy in your mind, you become happy with everything in your life. I a…

Be kind ❤

Did you see the show last night?
Lulu is such a B*tch!

Ok so I have no idea who Lulu is but this is something we are pretty much ALL guilty of.
Watching a snippet or version of someone on T.V/YouTube/Instagram, or reading in an article, and then immediately judging them. 

We feel like we know this person.
We feel like we are entitled to judge them.
We begin to dehumanise them.

But why? Because we saw them on a show or an article?
Why wouldn't we do this to a stranger on the street?
But we do it to a stranger on Televison.

I have only had a taste of this doing The Bachelor New Zealand and a little bit on The Bachelor Winter Games. But, I have seen my good friends get a lot of hate and judgement from people they have never even met.

I used to be guilty of it too. I used to watch reality shows like Love Island and Ex on The Beach and immediately comment on people.

But now I never ever would.

T.V seems to dehumanise people. Viewers begin to see them as characters, not human beings. W…

Practicing gratitude for a happier life.

Practicing gratitude.

This is a big step to creating a more positive life. I sometimes dwell on negatives and get caught up in my thoughts.
 But lately I've been practicing gratitude and celebrating positivity. The impact it's had is already amazing!

So I want to share with you some steps on creating your most positive happy life!
Try writing 5 things each day you are grateful for:
1. I'm grateful to wake up with health! 2. Opening my eyes and being able to see all the beauty in this world. 3. My family. 4. My friends. 5. All the experiences I have had so far helping me grow as a better person.

If you have a negative thought, say you suddenly thought about an impending situation that might bring bad fortune. That feeling of oh sh*t if this happens I'm going to be f*cked.  Well try turning that thought around.
Realise you have thoughts and emotions, but you are not your thoughts or emotions. Try and distance yourself personally from them. Realise you are something more…

The Bachelor New Zealand.

The Bachelor New Zealand, through my Eyes. A few people have asked, so here goes. I want to give an insight, to my whole experience on The Bachelor New Zealand. 
From all my weird internal dialogue, to the behind the scenes antics and my true thoughts on Zac.
Time to spill the beans.
I promise I'll include some of the dirty/strange/juicy things too. 
But firstly I want to say thank you to the show. To all the crew for being amazing. To all the incredible people I have met through this process, the opportunities it has opened for me and the strength I've gained through it all.  Also the incredible travel we got to experience. 
Thank you. I am so grateful for all of this. And this is in no way trying to bag out anyone or anything. This is just my experience.
It all started after a really shitty break-up.  The type that makes you feel so alone and fragile, you feel uncertain about how to go on. I was a mess. I literally had lost my sh*t. I was emotionally desperate and needy wan…