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My Skin Journey!

My Skin Journey

I remember when I first got breakouts when I was about 16 years old, my skin was really oily in the T-Zone and I had loads of tiny little bumps on my forehead. It knocked my confidence a lot at the time, as I was just starting to get interested in dating guys and all that malarky!

My Doctor at the time suggested to try Yasmin Birth Control Pill to help balance out testosterone/estrogeon and reduce the amount of oil in my skin. It took a few months to work but finally my face was spot free!

Yet, there was one slight problem...every time I had my monthly break from the Pill pimples would rear their nasty heads! So I knew that the Pill was just masking the problem not fully helping my skin.

Years went by and I had okay skin, it wasn't flawless but it was mostly clear bar the occasional little pimple.

I came off the Pill (it seems to reek havoc with my mood) and my skin wasn't too bad for a while. Quite sometime went by, I did a new show, traveled around the globe…